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Let me first welcome you to Top Ribs. I hope to share all that I can about the world of barbecue ribs. From basic baby backs and beef ribs to lamb and exotics. Grilled ribs, barbecued ribs and smoked ribs, we’ll cover them them all. In addition to all the good eatin’…we plan on having a bunch of fun along the way! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some rainbow trout ribs ready to smoke up.


Grill Meister

After 25 years in the construction business, the spiraling economic decline forced me to abandon the industry, or I should say, run like a scared rabbit. This was my chance to finally pursue my passion for barbecue. While traveling the barbecue circuit as a certified barbecue judge, I compiled my recipes and techniques and created BarbequedChicken.com and TopRibs.com as well as my blog, The Gary Glen Experience. I also write the Chicago barbecue column for the Examiner. When I’m not cooking barbecue, I’m eating it. When I’m not cooking or eating barbecue, I’m judging it. When I’m doing none of that, I write about it. Although a resident of Chicago, you’ll oftentimes find me wandering the streets of my home away from home in Charleston, SC. It’s all about the seafood and southern-style cooking!