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After 25 years in the construction business, the spiraling economic decline forced me to abandon the industry, or I should say, run like a scared rabbit. This was my chance to finally pursue my passion for barbecue. While traveling the barbecue circuit as a certified barbecue judge, I compiled my recipes and techniques and created and as well as my blog, The Gary Glen Experience. I also write the Chicago barbecue column for the Examiner. When I'm not cooking barbecue, I'm eating it. When I'm not cooking or eating barbecue, I'm judging it. When I'm doing none of that, I write about it.
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Mexican Rice

A Mexican dinner without rice and beans is Just an entrée. The problem with most Mexican rice, is it’s rather bland. We’re putting an end to that.

Mexican Baked Beans

I’ve had Mexican beans, yet I’ve never seen Mexican baked beans. Do they have them? I think the unique flavors of Mexican cuisine could greatly contribute to a baked bean dish.

Grilled Herb Buttered Bread

Grilled bread takes on a whole new meaning when flavored with herb butter. This herb buttered bread goes great with salads, soups or any course, for that matter.

Kansas City-Style Spareribs

Kansas City’s barbecue sauce is tomato-based, thick, sweet and smoky. These Kansas City-style spareribs are a perfect example of that style of barbecue.

Mexican Grilled Corn

My favorite corn recipe comes not from the Midwest, but from Mexico. Mexican grilled corn on the cob, known as elote, is a common street vendor food and is usually served on a stick.

Aunt Judy’s Cowboy Baked Beans

Aunt Judy couldn’t confirm that these cowboy baked beans were really eaten by cowboys. She could only visualize a pot of these cooking over a campfire and served from the chuck wagon.

Citrus Glazed Beef Ribs

Although subtle in flavor, the citrus glaze compliments the bold flavor of beef with a refreshing finish. Add sugar for a sweeter sauce or more cayenne pepper to kick up the heat a notch.

Caribbean Beans and Rice

A taste from the islands, mon. This Caribbean beans and rice recipe compliment almost any dish, but especially spicy cuisine. The sweetness and the coconut flavor helps to balance spicy dishes.

Corn and Avocado Salsa

This corn and avocado salsa amazes me. Sure, I find it tasty, but not out of this world tasty, yet most of my guests go crazy over it. I’m oftentimes sending them home with the recipe.

Beef Back Ribs with Coffee Adobo Sauce

When it comes to beef, we can stretch the flavor spectrum with more vibrant ingredients without losing the flavor of the meat itself. These ribs with coffee adobo sauce is a great example of that.