The Best Barbecue Potato Chips

If one is to experience all that is barbecue, I guess potato chips should be on the list. I prefer my chips Memphis-style…that is, without sauce. I’m not fond of all that red stuff getting all over my fingers, either. I reserve that right for real BBQ. Did you know that barbecue flavored are the top seller for flavored potato chips? The winner is…

The Invention of the McRib and Why It Disappears from McDonald’s

McDonald’s in/famous McRib is back, again. But where did it come from? And where does it go when it departs the McDonald’s menu? In 1981 McDonald’s introduced a boneless pork sandwich of chunked and formed meat called the McRib.

New Pork Temperatures!

The USDA announces their new cooking temperature guidelines, although restaurants have been following this standard for nearly 10 years. The new temperature recommendation reflects advances in both food safety and nutritional content for today’s pork, which is much leaner. On average, the most common cuts of pork have 27 percent less saturated fat than the same cuts 20 years ago.

The Best Basting Brush

I find it odd that most grillers spare no expense on most of their barbecue equipment, yet go cheap when it comes to their basting brush. How many times have you had to pick out a bristle off your meat because of a shedding brush?

So, why should you spend $25 for a basting brush?