Book Review: America’s Best Ribs

If you were to list the top five legends of barbecue, Ardie Davis and Paul Kirk would surely be on that list. That’s why I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their new book, America’s Best Ribs. I’d like to believe that America’s best ribs are right here at, but I’m sure Ardie and Paul can crank out one hell of a rib hoedown.

Book Review: Slow Fire by Ray Lampe

Can one book teach a person how to barbecue? Ray “Dr. BBQ” Lampe thinks so. His new book, Slow Fire…The Beginner’s Guide to Barbecue, claims you’ll be cooking up great barbecue in no time.

…even Championship quality. Let’s see.

Book Review: Planet Barbecue!

There are cookbooks, and then there are teaching cookbooks. Steven Raichlen’s Planet Barbecue! is a teaching cookbook. If you’re ready to take your grilling skills to the next level, then Planet Barbecue! is the book for you. At the very least, it should be on your reference shelf!