Review: Baxter’s Smoking Wood

As I pondered this wood review, what should one look for when grading a smoking wood? For starters, variety is important. Of course, quality should come into play. When I buy smoking chips, I’m not looking to buy sawdust. Let’s check out Baxter’s

The Best Basting Brush

I find it odd that most grillers spare no expense on most of their barbecue equipment, yet go cheap when it comes to their basting brush. How many times have you had to pick out a bristle off your meat because of a shedding brush?

So, why should you spend $25 for a basting brush?

Review:Grill Grates

Today we’re going to take a look at cast iron grill grates from Craycort. Although a primary goal for most grill masters is to achieve those perfect grill marks, there’s more that we demand from our grill grates.

Let’s see how Craycort’s grill grates perform.