Old Kentuck’ Grilled Mutton Ribs

After reading America’s Best Ribs by Ardie A. Davis and Paul Kirk, I realized that I’ve never eaten Kentucky barbecued mutton. I decided to give the grilled mutton ribs recipe from the book a try.

Grilled Lamb Crown Roast

Nothing adds festive to a table setting better than a rack of meat! This lamb crown roast is a great example. Cooked low-and-slow on the grill with a hint of smoke and orange cranberry stuffing.

Jalapeño Glazed Lamb Ribs

These glazed lamb ribs combine the great flavors of the grill with that of lamb and give it an extra kick of Jalapeno flavor. Not overpowering, but just right! For an extra kick, add a finely diced Jalapeno peppers.