Grilled Cornbread

Grilled Cornbread

Easy and tasty. The grill's already lit...throw on some cornbread!

I love cornbread! In true southern fashion, a barbecue isn’t a barbecue without baked beans, coleslaw, sweet tea and cornbread. I have one problem with cornbread, I don’t bake. I’d like to, but just haven’t had the time to learn. From what I’ve seen from the people who do bake…it looks frustrating.  Nonetheless, something had to be done if I was to satisfy my cornbread cravings.

Let’s face it, if there was the slightest prayer of me making a decent cornbread, a grill or smoker would have to be involved. Well, it “panned” out and a pretty decent grilled cornbread was produced. Actually it was pretty easy. It was so easy that even a caveman could do it. Now, it may not be as good as Momma’s, but it works just fine.

Easy peasy!

Making cornbread use to be a blur to me.


  • 2 pkgs (8.5 oz) Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
  • 2 eggs, whisked
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup cream style sweet corn


    1. In a small mixing bowl, combine sweet corn, milk and and eggs.
    2. Slowly add corn muffin mix while whisking. Continue to whisk until well blended.
    3. Set aside for 5-10 minutes.
    4. In the meantime, prepare a hot fire (325-degrees F) for indirect cooking.
    5. Whisk batter once again until smooth and not lumpy.
    6. Pour into a well greased 8” dia. cast iron skillet. Bacon grease is my preferred grease. It works well and gives the cornbread an additional flavor. Note: Well greased is the key word here if you’re to get the whole thing to release from the pan.
    7. Place on the center of the grill grates and cover grill.
Oh yeah!

It's up to the fire and the good Lord, now!


  1. Cook for 60 minutes. Remove and allow to rest for 15 minutes before serving. I watch the edges of the cornbread. There is a point where it gets a darker brown. After some experience, that color will tell you that it’s done.
  2. Cut slices right from the pan or remove to a plate. Some coaxing may be required to get it broke loose from the pan. A butter knife inserted along the edges with a very slight upward motion should help. Place a plate on top of the pan. Flip over and with some luck, the cornbread should plop onto the plate. Otherwise, you failed the “well greased” part of the assignment. Repeat with a second plate so the cornbread is right side up.

Don’t be disappointed if your first one goes to hell on you. I messed up on my first two attempts. The first one ended up as a stuffing, while the second one was edible,  just not very pretty. Once you understand your grill’s limitations for this recipe, you’ll soon be cranking out cornbread in your sleep.


Serve it out of the pan or download it to a plate. Get out the butter!


Next time I think I’m going to add a bit more of the corn. I like the corn pieces in the bread, I’m just afraid it may turn out a bit runny. I may have to consult with someone who really knows how to bake.

Here’s another tip for those who like heat. Mix a tablespoon…or more of fine diced jalapeno peppers into the batter and brush with honey before serving.

Enjoy, and admire the fire!

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