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Craycort's Grill Grates

They sure look impressive.

Today we’re going to take a look at cast iron grill grates from Craycort. Although a primary goal for most grill masters is to achieve those perfect grill marks, there’s more that we demand from our grill grates. There’s even heat distribution, ease of cleaning as well as overall convenience. Sure, the grill grates that are supplied with our grills are probably sufficient to do the job, we just want to take the performance to the next level.

Craycort’s grill grates are modular in design. A large outer ring holds four pie-shaped grates. The optional cast iron handle makes maneuvering the grates easy. According to their website, here are some of the other features:

  • For kettle style grills we offer 4 different sizes, fitting 14.5″ Smokey Joes and Bodum Frykats, 18.5″, 22.5″ and 26.75″ Weber style Grills and compatible.
  • For kamado style grills we offer grates for small and medium eggs, large Eggs, Grilldomes, Primos, Superdomes and XL BGEs. We also offer grates for gas grills.
  • Seasoned Cast Iron Grates provide a non stick cooking surface – brush the grate clean in seconds
  • Remove individual Grill Grate sections to add coal or wood smoking chips, instead of the whole Grate
Cast Iron gives off a more even heat and holds it far longer than steel – great for amazing grill marks/sears
  • Strong & resilient – Cast Iron Grates withstand higher temperatures than normal grates.

And like other good Cast Iron product it will last a lifetime if cared for properly.
  • Modular – Add griddle, hotstone and chickenseat for ultimate versatility. Steaks, Wings, Pizza and a whole grilled chicken at the same time
  • Ready to use – Our Cast Iron Grates come pre seasoned, wipe’em clean, fire up and start grilling

I’ve owned my grill grates for about a year now and wouldn’t leave home without them. I was reluctant to spend the $87.90 for my 22.5 inch Weber kettle and even more reluctant to spend the extra $10.89 for the optional handle tool, but I’m glad I did. I like their even heat distribution and they actually do clean up relatively easy. Oh, and the grill marks are superb!

Another plus with Craycort’s grill grates is the additional add-ons they offer. The pie-shaped grids can be replaced with a cast iron griddle/hot plate or a vegetable basket/Wok. Although I haven’t bought either of them yet, they are on my wish list.

Grill Grates Addons

Optional Wok Basket and Griddle

I can honestly say that of all my barbecue expenditures over the years, Craycort’s grill grates was one of my better investments. I’m convinced that you’re going to like it.

For more info on Craycort’s product line or to visit their website, click  here.
Enjoy your ribs and always remember…admire the fire!

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