Review: Sticky Fingers’ Carolina Classic BBQ Sauce

When I’m South Carolina, you’ll more often than not find me hanging out at Sticky Fingers. I thought it time to truly evaluate their Carolina Classic mustard barbecue sauce and determine if it really does pass the mustard.

Sauce Review: Big Butz Cranberry

When I spotted the Big Butz Cranberry sauce, it really peaked the inquisitive curiosity of my taste buds. The bottle claims it took seven years to develop. One would think that amount of time would give way to something spectacular. We shall see.

Sauce Review: Pig of the Month Love Me Tender

Now, you may not think of Dayton, Ohio as a barbecue hot spot, but Pig of the Month has plans to change that. Their Memphis-style Love Me Tender sauce states to be “The King of Memphis Sauce”. That’s a bold claim. The people from Memphis are fussy about their sauce. It better be top notch and in true Memphis style.